1. said a bittersweet farewell to this guy tonight.


    I won’t be able to listen to the turbo spool echo through the woods, won’t be able to scare old women and children with the straight-through side-exit exhaust, and I won’t have a ludicrous speed switch. and no blockily-awesome, funky blue velour interior.


    I will still get to see it around, and I’ll have more time/money for my Amazon and my miata (and when the time comes, my other 244 turbo restoration project). and it’s in one of my best friend’s hands, who I know will take good care of it, and learn the ways of RWD with it. I also won’t have to deal with wiring harness hissyfits on the side of the road.

    farewell first car, you have served me better than any other car could have!

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    :D Cool to know my old tank is appreciated. I keep having evil thoughts of buying it back…
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    I don’t know how many times I’ve reblogged this. But it’s literally one of my favorite 240’s I’ve ever seen.
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