1. playing with ink and heartbreak, tonight.

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    Week 16

    A few weeks ago my name got passed along to John Mark, the man behind Hotrocity and MPLSTYLE, and he came to me asking if I would be willing to shoot a launch video for his new fashion e-commerce brand. As he was demonstrating his vision, showing me the clothes, and explaining the brand imprint all I could think about was how over my head it all was. So I agreed. Ive reached a point where doing what seems intimidating and putting myself out of my comfort zone is the easiest way to find the same high I got when I first started shooting.

    I found that the pace and collaboration of working with talent and fashion was really appealing to me, and I hope to do lots more of it. That desire was where Week 14, Graveyard Girl, was born from. The crew on this shoot was outstanding, I cant say enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with John Mark, Irv Briscoe, Matt Blizel, the dancers, and the assistants. Julia from Ignite was fantastic, I think her talent is beyond obvious in the video.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    I love the hell out of this. I’m in awe of your talent - it shows in all of your videos.

    The cinematography on the rooftop dancing shots is incredible. Mood is perfect. I watched this three times in a row… now for the fourth.

    Keep them coming, man.

  3. ahmenace:


    '63 Lotus Elan

    I love finding pictures of my dad’s old car on Tumblr. My mom used drive this car everyday while she was pregnant with me. This car has a ton of history. Too bad when I last saw it, it was heading to Japan back in ‘96.

    That is super cool! I love finding neat tidbits of information like that.

    Rad car, rad story - thanks for sharing!

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  7. loving this vivitar series one 28/2 lens.

    also, loving life.

    the subject of this photo is a part of the reason I haven’t been active on here recently. but, I’m actually kind of okay with that.

    I will try to be posting photos more often from now on, but I don’t see myself reblogging as much as I have been in past times. this will probably be a little less of a car blog from now on, but that doesn’t mean I will stop blogging about my automotive endeavors and passions!

    anyways: life is getting busy, but I’m doing well. things are finally smoothing out a bit, and I am starting to really feel good about myself and my life again. love y’all dudes and gals. 

  9. untitled on Flickr.

  10. vs-design:

    1972 Darnval LM1 Street

    French Car !

    interesting shape. I like it.